Private parties

Gourmet catering

Gastronomic and luxury dining is part of our cultural heritage and identity…
Coming together, sharing taste sensations, lavishing attention on special guests…
Our gastronomic service aims to provide all this and more…That is why orestige catering is essential for the success of your events.

A luxury catering

Potel et Chabot has been cultivating the art of hosting events for almost two centuries, with a view to ensuring that each meal and every event creates its own magic, elegance and shared sense of joy.
For family dinners or luncheons, celebrations, rallies or home-based reunions of old friends, customers or colleagues…

Reception catering

Be it for 2 guests or 1000, we are relentless in our attempts to leverage our talents and tailor meal or event where colors, textures and tastes combine and complement each other harmoniously: a unique invitation to an elegant, gourmet experience.