Temporary restaurants

Our company’s history is intimately associated with that of French gastronomy and therefore with the chefs who make it live and develop.

This link, which has strengthened over the course of the centuries, has been expressed in numerous collaborations.
From the design of gastronomic recipes, to the hosting of large-scale events, our chefs and the great chefs of France work hand-in-hand throughout the year … and regularly, our teams create temporary gastronomic restaurants!

From a restaurant in the air for a great Champagne company to the management of Lucas Carton in Paris ... From the gastronomic restaurant at the Antiques and Arts Biennial at the Roland Garros "Salon" or even on board the legendary restaurant car of the Orient Express... In conjunction with great, Michelin Star-winning chefs, Potel et Chabot creates and manages temporary gastronomic restaurants that are sure to delight even the most sophisticated gourmets!