Exceptional Gastronomy

Number 3 rue de Chaillot is a gourmet theater where a unique show is acted out all year long. As dawn breaks, the props start flowing in from across France and the world: poultry from Bresse and Houdan, ham from the Iberian peninsula, Bayonne and Westphalia, beef from Charolais, Aubrac and Argentina, hand-caught scallops from Loctudy and Ireland, blue American lobster... An aged parmesan and a rare comté lie alongside an unpasteurized stilton. Seasonal fruits and vegetables dream of fresh cream and fresh butter, rare pepper and aromatic herbs. Potel et Chabot, reception caterer, greets all of these beautiful ingredients every morning, having ordered them directly from suppliers, artisans and producers who we know to be committed to high quality produce and professional service.
Received and cooked on-site, these products retain their freshness, taste and identity...
Although our bouillons and aromatic stocks, pies and puff pastries are traditionally derived from the Escoffier Cookbook, our chefs and pastry chefs tirelessly try out new combinations and textures, interpreting traditions and adapting them to modern requirements and trends, creating new, contemporary flavors.
For all these reasons, rated chefs, gourmet restaurants, luxury hotel restaurants and many families, institutions and companies continue to place their trust in us.