Certification and Quality Commitments

As a major player in France's gourmet food industry, Potel et Chabot has always attempted to share its savoir-faire and perpetuate the art of hosting events in France and across the world.
In addition to its extremely stringent requirements in terms of food quality and safety, Potel et Chabot has long been committed to an overriding sustainable development policy.
Furthermore, in order to share, protect and promote savoir-faire in the luxury, gourmet food and craftsmanship sectors, Potel et Chabot is a member of several associations and institutions that are committed to promoting and developing French culture: Colbert Committee, Vendôme Committee, French Luxury, Les Amis du Louvre, Champs-Élysées Committee, Orchestre de Paris, and so on.
Potel et Chabot's demanding conception of event hosting and gastronomy have earned it recognition from France's Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Employment as a "Living Heritage Company"; a mark of esteem that is granted to companies with rare, reputed and long-standing savoir-faire.