Potel et Chabot Today

Potel et Chabot now comprises almost 400 permanent employees and up to 1500 at the busiest times of year, 6200 receptions, a turnover of 70 millions euros, a firmly anchored flagship at 3 rue de Chaillot, a logistics platform beside Paris, six prestigious reception sites in Paris, launches in the French Riviera, in Aquitaine, in Switzerland, in China, in Brazil, in United Kingdom and teams ready for action across the world: New York, Moscow, Singapore, Dubai…
Potel et Chabot is proud of its talent as a creator of tailor-made events. Potel et Chabot will lavish the same care and attention of any event, be it a private 10-guess event, a corporate 2,000-guess event, or a charity reception that mobilizes numerous great chefs, because each new challenge is a step forward to new adventures.

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